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Shipping & Returns

• exist in the world.
• International transport, international shipping companies, usually one week turnaround.
• For every integer, enables the customer to receive a sufficient number of insurance companies.
• DHL shipping, in particular the international sale of goods, wholesale and retail, the most urgent, please contact us! • Place all packets in a box!
Check your instant confirmation, in that order.
• Friends Note: If you do not want your order within 10 days, please contact us again!

• We strive to meet everyone. Easy return and exchange policy before we go back, the return shipment sent to content development. So, it goes back to all of us that the first signs of any IE government to ensure that there is no need to make changes or cleaning.

• rights of all organized, project. Back Returns to the project, but provided 15% restocking fee and return it. And a non-refundable fee.

• Do not block the return of the position, not to replace the package, you are responsible for shipping and financial services. We also recommend that the appropriate instructions for personal protection insurance is not responsible for the loss.

• All returns must be sent via e-mail to the delivery address.

• Before returning the items, please contact us. All, all the characters, they are back to their original state, we do not need to wash or change clothes. Worn or dirty things to you.

• AC includes the cost of transportation, shipping, express delivery of items. Are you getting enough help and are not responsible for lost luggage insurance, we recommend that you protect what you have sent us. And a non-refundable fee.

• Offer and select the size of the product. When nothing against the content of an error, you have to pay income tax return, and moved again.

• To avoid the need to pray in front of the ship. 10% cancellation fee will be charged on all orders. 6-8 hours a day, and always sent us, the order can not be avoided because they will do everything to create the original scheme. I hope that the idea to use it as a return to the political clave.Las sent.

friends know-how
You get a 10-digit tracking number within 3 days, you will receive an e-mail server as spam. In this case, that the way to maintain order.

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